Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Holiday Cookies

About a week ago, the Cowpokes and I made some Holiday cookies. We made them early because of Big Cowpoke's holiday travel plans. This year Big Cowpoke gets to spend Christmas with his Dad. So, we got to do some early celebrating. Which was alright with me. And the Cowpokes had a blast. While growing up, my mom made it a tradition to make graham cracker houses with home made white frosting and loads of candy!! Oh it was so much fun. I am going to try to do that next year, when the kids are a bit older. The cookies got kind of crazy.They all gathered at the table and grabbed the frosting and decorations. It was a lot of fun. All of our Holiday cookies have been eaten, so I think Little Cowpoke and I will have to make some more. Cowpokette was better at undecorating than she was at decorating. She sure was into the frosting though. She also tried to help Big Cowpoke undecorate his cookies, but he wouldn't have it. Cowpokette tried to make it up to him.With a super slobbery sugary kiss.Just look at that face!! She is in sugar cookie happy land. Big and Little Cowpoke were a bit more professional about the whole ordeal. Simply perfect. The yummiest candy cane ever. I have a small obsession with sugar cookies, white frosting, and red hots. Oh dear, they are my favorites.Little Cowpoke liked to decorate. He had a little help from Mr. Cowboy. But Big Cowpoke, didn't have help from anyone. Big Cowpoke was all business. He made some really pretty cookies. The more sprinkles the better. Big Cowpoke likes to do artsy things. Then I got to decorate some cookies too. It's so hard to decorate and not eat the yummy cookies right away. I can't wait do decorate some more cookies for Santa. We will defiantly have to do that tomorrow night. Santa likes fresh cookies, so I heard. Cowpokette just like any kind of cookies. Just look at that drool!! I really wish her eye teeth would come out all ready. They are just sitting under her gums. I can see them. And the poor dear drools everywhere. So, does anyone have any fun Christmas traditions that they do the night before Christmas? We are going to make more cookies to leave out for Santa.


Mrs Mom said...

Andrea those kids of yours could not GET any sweeter if you dunked them in that frosting!!!

All the cookies look terrific!! Y'all did a wonderful job there. Santa is going to love them too!

Merry Christmas to all of you!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Those look delicious. There's nothing like cookies to bring out smiles from the little ones. My daughter and I baked a couple of items over the weekend, but one ended up too hard to bite into while the other just doesn't seem to appeal to anyone. It's like pumpkin cake. I love it, but I've got a cold now so I can't taste anything. Your cookies look much better than our kitchen disasters.

Rising Rainbow said...

We had a kitchen disastor here too. My daughter usually makes the best snickerdoodles but this year they didn't raise at all. So we ended up dumping the whole batch. I think we're going to try again tonight.

As for Christmas Eve traditions, we usually go to my MIL's for Christmas Eve. Then afterwards we drive through the city looking at the holiday lights. But she has decided not to do that this year and we have so much snow we probably couldn't reach her even if she had planned it. That leaves us at loose ends. Imagine.........free time on Christmas Eve.........whodda thunk!! LOL

Cactus Jack Splash said...

Very cute...looks yummy

Mrs Mom said...

ANDREA!! (Imagine you can hear the squeal from me here please...lol)

MY TOFFEE GOT HERE TODAY--- FINALLY!!!! (No prob with Ron-- it's FedEx. They have a *thing* about delivering out here.) ANYWAYS!!!

My Dear, please allow me to say THANK YOU. Oh BOY do I THANK YOU!!!! I was outside, working on trying to get Sonny Horse to behave long enough to get his feet done (Not!! No Christmas Carrots for him- he gets COAL) when the truck came creeping down the lane, looking at mailbox numbers.... and he FOUND US!!!! We kinda scared him, being as Sonny went to the truck with me to get the package. The guy had never seen a horse before. (Can you IMAGINE?) But today he got to see a horse AND pet one! ;)

Then tonight, after getting the kids in bed, we. Ate. Toffee.

Know what Dear Husband said?
"Honey, hop up offa that chair. I want to check for a wet spot there."

Yeah. Well.... what can I say. ;) It is THAT GOOD!


Margaret Cloud said...

Your children are adorable, looks like they had fun making and unmaking the cookies. Have a Merry Christmas.

Grey Horse Matters said...

Great pictures of happy kids, and that's what Christmas is all about. Yummy looking cookies too.

Our tradition is just a Christmas Eve get together with all the kids and grandkids and whoever else shows up at our house. And of course my husband's homemade delicious french toast breakfast on Christmas morning.

Rambling Woods said...

Oh what fun...Your kids are beautiful. It makes me remember back to when my 3 step-children and my daughter would make sugar cookies and decorate them with all kinds of toppings...Oh..what a happy mess we all were. I had a table full of the heaviest cookies ever...Please enjoy these times, I am happy to see a Mom who lets the kids have fun and doesn't worry about the mess. Time is short and kids are washable...

Zarebski said...

Kids are having fun with their cookies

Bella In The Bayou said...

Sugar... yum. I am not brave enough to do a gingerbread house. the daughters and daughter in laws tried that a year or so ago and they had a crazy time with it falling like a house of cards. Perhaps I could use a glue gun what do you think?

Love your dog. If you find her missing she'll be over at my house ;) Really she looks so much like my boxer, Melody (who is no longer with us). And did I ever compliment you on the choice of name? Just 'beautiful'.

kdwhorses said...

Too cute! Great looking Christmas cookies and cuter kiddos!

We made cookies yesterday for Santa. Little cowgirl gets to open 1 present on Christmas Eve and it's always PJ's. That's what my mom did, so I'm carrying that on! We open the rest of the presents on Christmas morning! Santa only does the stocking at our house and then they each get 1-3 presents each. I can't wait!

The Wades said...

BEAUTIFUL!!! Your kids are so gorgeous.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I think little cowpokette just got cuter! Your boys are such cuties, too.
Those Ebru-inspired marbling cookies are so pretty!
You're so brave letting the kids get carried away with frosting and sprinkles. What a terrific fun Mama you are.

One of our traditions here is me baking the famous special overnight french toast filled with fruit and yumm! But sadly this was the first year I've been unable to prepare it...after my Christmas Eve horse accident, I'm nogt able to stand up or make it down the stairs with extreme.
It was a sucky Christmas around here for me. My stepmom is here and she made regular french toast but it wasn't the same.

Merry Christmas....Percocet is my friend,
New Mexico

Julene said...

I love the sugar grins! This is one of my most favorite traditions for Christmas! Janette found some cool food markers and those were so fun. Wish you were all here, we're counting down to Feb.